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Feb 02, Exposure to cold is a common reason for lemon trees to lose their blossoms without bearing fruit. Lemon trees do not tolerate much cold, and are generally more sensitive to cold than they are to heat.

The shock of cold weather, which for lemon trees is generally around and below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, can commonly cause a blooming lemon tree to suddenly drop its blossoms.

The part of the flower that becomes fruit is the ovary, which is a little green nub that remains behind when the petals drop. It looks a bit like a tiny green lemon. What you want to happen is the petals drop but the ovary remains behind and attaches firmly to the tree to grow into fruit, which is called"setting.".

Jul 01, The National Gardening Association says that drafts, cold temperatures or fluctuations in soil moisture might be the cause of your lemon tree flowers falling off.

It also says that it is common for potted trees to set more fruit than the plant can produce, so seeing fruit dropping off is not a rare sight.

Lemon Tree Flower Buds. Apr 22, A number of pests may also be responsible for lemon tree leaf drop. Asian citrus psyllid produces honeydew, which leads to sooty mold as well as causing damage and leaf drop due to the feeding on of the young citrus leaves. Oil sprays can control this pest when applied frequently. Citrus leaf miners are also an intrepid pest assailing lemon tree leaves.

Barely noticeable to the naked eye, leaf miners are not easy to control with chemicals since they are burrowed into their dens between leaf. Jon, citrus trees produce many times the amount of flowers then will ever eventually set fruit. Only 1 to 3 percent of the flowers produced by a citrus tree results in fruit. If every flower developed into a fruit the tree would be crushed under its own weight.

Silica 5 years ago.

Even the small fruitlets that are originally set, most will be discarded by the tree. Apr 16, All varieties of citrus produce more blossoms than the tree can possibly set – approximately 98% will fall even under the best cultural management practices.

If 2% of the blossoms set fruit, this would be considered a heavy commercial crop. This is a natural behavior of the trees, but failure for 2% to set fruit is related to many factors. Jun 06, If the plant does bloom but still fails to fruit, this might be because the tree is not old enough. Lemon tree fruiting occurs at three to five years old, depending upon the rootstock. When growing lemon trees, problems like blossom drop can be frustrating.

Many of the newly forming fruits will fall off well before they can begin to grow. This lack of fruit set may be due to an excess of fruits.

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