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Place a layer of inches of mulch around your newly planted trees, taking care to not pile the mulch too high on the trunk of the tree. You may fertilize your dogwoods at the time of planting and first watering, but do not fertilize again until the second year. Light Needs: Partial Shade.

Thin feeder roots spread just below the soil to and beyond the span of branches, or dripline, to perhaps twice the size of the canopy.

Watering Needs: regular watering once a week to a depth of 6 inches should suffice. Make sure the mulch is at least 5 inches away from the trunk of the tree and no more than 2 to 4 inches deep. Spread the mulch around the tree into the surrounding landscape as wide as you like, tapering out to the ground level at the edge of the ring. Use fresh natural mulch such as wood chips or bark chips. Mulch can change the pH of the soil, influencing nutrient shrubchopping.pwted Reading Time: 1 min.

FL Eastpoint tree, around mulch dogwood

Jun 06, Spread mulch in a 4–5 feet (– m) diameter around the tree. Lay down a thin layer of mulch around the tree. The mulch should not touch the tree itself. Leave 1–2 inches (– cm) of space between the base of the tree and the mulch. You can lay mulch up to an 8 feet ( m) diameter before it stops being useful%(62). What to Plant Around a Flowering Dogwood Tree. Planting a flowering dogwood tree in your yard creates a beautiful year-round focal point. The classic flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), hardy in.

Spread 2 to 4 inches of an attractive organic material such as chopped leaves, shredded bark or wood chips alone, or combined with peat moss 6 75 to hold moisture better out to the tips of the branches (dripline) or beyond. Keep the mulch about 6 inches away Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

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Place mulch out from the root flare to the drip line, and even further if you are designing a landscape bed or you want to establish a mowing boundary around the tree.

(We advise this!) Out at this distance from the trunk, three or four inches is enough. Again, it will compact down. Make it look natural, spreading away from the tree. Sep 02, Trees, especially young ones, typically benefit most from a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch around their base.

However, for the first 12 inches immediately surrounding the trunk, thin the mulch layer so that it just covers the soil. This will prevent the common problems associated with excessive mulching. 2 to 4 inches of mulch layered around the base of your tree is all you need.

First, spread the mulch around your tree, then use a rake or shovel to evenly pull the mulch out to the furthest edges of the tree’s canopy. Take a look at this Talking Trees video to see the process for yourself. Mulching is great for your trees, but piling it too high and covering a tree's trunk, can cause decay. Learn why you should keep mulch away from tree trunks and how having mulch too thick around your tree can cause moisture build-up and could smother your tree's roots.

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