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Florida red scale Chrysomphalus aonidum.

Pruning Meyer lemon trees in late summer involves removing stems that are overly long, crossing or generally spoil the trees' shape. Meyer lemon trees growing as a hedge can be lightly clipped in late summer.

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When there is no fresh, new growth on the trees, prune overly long stems at the desired length just above an outward-facing leaf. Apr 21, Fertilize with a (6% nitrogen-6% phosphate-6% potash-2% magnesium) mixture after planting your tree.

For more information on fertilizing your lemon tree read “Lemon Growing in the Florida Home Landscape” Meyer lemons are self-pollinating plants so you don’t need to worry about keeping multiple plants for your tree to bear fruits. In the southern California groves, they prune lemons right down to stumps and large branches.

This is because they want strong branches to hold the fruit up and control the size of the trees. The way that you prune your Meyer Lemon Tree depends on what you want; a nice hedge or a fruit-producing tree.

Jun 12, Pruning can begin in March but citrus really does not require a lot of pruning to fruit. Cut out any dead or dying limbs, which can be done any time of year. Any limbs growing toward the center of the tree should be removed and any rubbing limbs can be cut shrubchopping.pwted Reading Time: 1 min. Feb 05, Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from discusses citrus pruning tips, specifically on the 'Improved Meyer' Lemon follow.

Oct 01, Pruning lemon trees opens up the center of the tree, allowing easy access when spraying, and creates a large fruit-bearing surface area than can be reached by the sun and the harvester. Pruning also creates sturdy branches that are strong enough to support the fruit they produce. Nov 16, Pruning Meyer Lemon Tree Overgrown Branches Cut back branches that seem too long, overly vigorous or leggy, working your way around the Meyer lemon tree's canopy to give it a uniform, rounded.


The initial symptoms of this disease include brown to orange, water-soaked lesions on the flower petals.

Prune your lemon tree to remove water sprouts (vigorous, thorny shoots) and dead wood (sources of disease), and to shape the tree and control its height and spread. Three to 5 main shoots should be selected at planting to form the primary scaffold framework for the mature tree (Tucker and Wardowski ).

Depending on the climate, people prune during spring or autumn. Baby lemon trees aren’t encouraged to bear fruit until they're older. Young lemon trees are pruned as often as needed to shape their structural framework. For mature lemon trees, the best time to prune. How Do I Prune a Meyer Lemon Bush?

Prune as needed to maintain your Lemon's shape. Clip off any branches that are too long. Remove branches growing toward the trunk of the bush instead of away from it. This will maintain airflow between the branches. How to Pollinate Meyer Lemon Bushes.

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